Which Phone Mount is Best for Your Car?

There are a ton of reasons that you might need to interact with your phone while driving: navigation, skipping bad songs in a random playlist, or answering important calls. However, you know that you can’t hold the phone in your hand, and it’s important to have your phone accessible without taking your eyes off the road. 

You might already be looking for a phone mount. Or you want to replace the old one that keeps pulling your vent down or dropping your phone. We got you! Today, we’re shining the spotlight on a variety of Miracase high-quality smartphone car mounts for different needs and preferences, to keep your trips safe and comfortable. 


Cup Holder Car Phone Mount 

This one is very easy to install because it goes right into any cup holder in your car. 

With 360-degree rotation for multiple viewing angles and an extendable arm (up to 8.9 inches), it’s perfect for those of you who always have someone sitting on the passenger’s seat, or often have kids on board. It also comes with a quick-release button, so there’s no hassle when removing your phone. 

But, if you need a phone mount that allows you to take a quick glance at the screen without turning your head, one of the next ones might be more suitable for you! 


Suction Cup Phone Holder 

Just push and press the lock! The Miracase suction cup phone holder is strong enough to support up to 4.15 kg. Stick it to your dashboard or window; whichever you prefer. The head allows for horizontal or vertical orientation, with an adjustable base to provide better support for any phone size from 2.1 to 4.05 inches. 

To remove your phone, you just need to push the quick-release button! But, if you prefer something without a clamp, or want to be able to more conveniently adjust or rotate the phone whenever you need to, keep reading ‘cos we’ve got more! 


Popclip Magnetic Vent Phone Mount


If you love your popsocket, you’re gonna love our popclip. Alternatively, you can push the clip back and simply put your phone on the magnetic pad. Lock the hook to the air vent, rotate the mount according to your preference, and you’re good to go! 

The Miracase Pop Clip Magnetic Vent Phone Mount has a compact design that won’t interfere with your view and movement. If you like simple phone accessories that don’t take up a lot of space, this one is perfect for you. 

But if you’re looking for a popclip/magnetic phone mount that is more adjustable or doesn’t cover your air vent, you might wanna check out the next one! 


Popclip Magnetic Suction Cup Phone Holder 


This one is designed for those of you who need your phone to be easily accessible and readily available at any angle. Stick the suction cup to your dashboard or window, then attach your phone’s popsocket to the clip or use the magnetic pad. Easy peasy! 

The mount is adjustable on 2 corners plus 360-degree screen rotation to give you multiple viewing options—just turn the knobs to loosen, adjust, and tighten them back.  

Can’t choose between the suction cup mount and the air vent mount? You don’t have to, ‘cos the next Miracase phone holder comes with both! 


Suction Cup/Air Vent Phone Holder 

Switch between the suction cup and the air vent hook whenever you feel like it! The Miracase universal car phone holder comes with an extendable mount and an air vent clip (compatible with vertical and horizontal vents), both strong enough to hold your phone through bumpy roads. 

The head supports full 360-degree free rotation. You can also adjust your viewing distance easily with one hand, simply by pulling and pushing the arm (up to 7.1 inches) or moving it up and down. Make sure you’re comfortable and the mount doesn’t block your view! 


The Classic Vent Phone Holder 

You’ve gone through the list, but all you want is the simple classic air vent phone holder? This is the one for you—and you can get it only for $10.99. 

Lock the hook to your air vent, attach your phone to the clamp, and let it sit comfortably until you reach your destination. 


Have you decided which phone mount to get for your car? Wanna see more options? Those are just a select few of our phone mount collection! Visit our store to browse through our catalog and learn more about our products. 

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