Process a Warranty


MIRACASE is responsible for all products. We would like to provide best shopping experience for you. All MIRACASE warranties are available for products purchased from MIRACASE official website. Not including unauthorized resellers of MIRACASE products(Such as second-hand market).


MIRACASE offer 1-year limited warranty,products purchased from unauthorized distributors or resellers are not covered by the 1 year warranty.This warranty is only valid for items that are considered defective. Defects are defined as imperfections or flaws that are produced by a manufacturing error. Accidental drops, installation failures, normal wear and tear, etc. caused by the owner are not covered under this warranty.

*All terms and conditions for any and all warranties are subject to change under the sole discretion of MIRACASE.

How To Submit A Warranty:

Please click on this link to process a warranty:

DISCLAIMER: All products returned to MIRACASE Inc. will be subject to review for authentication. If any of the products are found to be counterfeit, it will be confiscated and turned over to MIRACASE’S legal department for further actions. These counterfeit items will not be returned once in the possession of MIRACASE Inc.