OMG! Should I get the iPhone case for the XR?

OMG! Should I get the iPhone case for the XR?

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The iPhone XR is the third iPhone to be launched this year, after the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max. While the two iPhone XS models are nearly identical save for the size, the iPhone XR is a significant departure for the iPhone X series and possibly a new chapter going forward.

 To make things more interesting, the iPhone XR also comes in six colors, the most Apple has ever had for any iPhone. You have your classics, which are the black and the white. The black has a matching black frame while the white has a silver or rather unpainted, raw aluminum frame.

      This is where it gets a bit tricky. There are three additional colors, blue, yellow and coral. None of these colors try too hard to match the glass back to the metal frame. The blue has a deep cyan back with a light sky-blue frame. The coral is a peachy shade of orange but the side frame is a much lighter version of that color. The yellow is the most bizarre; the back is yellow as advertised, but the side frame is straight up gold.

White • Black • Blue • Yellow • Coral • Product RED

       Overall, the iPhone XR looks and feels pretty much like a flagship smartphone should in 2018. It may not be as refined or polished (literally) as the iPhone XS but it's still a great looking and feeling phone with one of the widest ranges of color options of any phone in this price range.

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