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Which car phone holder should I buy?

Which car phone holder should I buy?

June 17, 2020

Which car phone stand is right for you? Let us find out together. In this guide, we will share some of the most important thins for you to choose the ideal car phone stand. That includes the different types or form factors provided, some clever features to look for, and the three options we absolutely love. let's start!

Types of car phone holder

So what kind of car owner is right for you? The first thing to narrow down may be to choose where you want to put your phone. Traditionally, windshield and instrument panel car brackets are the most common choices, but vent brackets and CD slot brackets are becoming increasingly popular. The headrest car bracket is ideal for entertaining rear seat passengers. If you know which one you want, please choose from the following options!

Car phone holder features

There are also a range of features that you should consider before buying. Do you have a tablet or a very large smartphone that might need a specialized holder? Do you want a magnetic system that works extremely quickly but requires sticking a magnetic pad to your phone case? Is cable management an issue? Take a look and see for yourself!

Magnetic car holders let you attach and remove your phone extremely rapidly, saving time and hassle. Generally, they work by sticking a small (and removable) magnetic pad to the back of your phone or case.

Tablet car holders are those designed for tablets rather than smartphones. While headrest car holders are the most common place you’ll find tablet compatibility, you can also find other form factors with this capability.

Cable clip car holders provide a space for your cables to rest while your smartphone isn’t in the car holder, making it easier to charge your phone or connect it to your car stereo once your phone is back in place.

Cup Holder Phone Mount You don't need any magnets, adhesives, or clips for cup holder phone mount, which fastens to your cupholder. It sports a flexible, 8-inch-long gooseneck and a durable base outfitted with arms that can extend from 2.4 to 4 inches in diameter for a snug fit.

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